What are the downsides?

Tuesday, 06 April 2021

My name is Penelope and I am a voracious lover who is passionate about sex in its versions ... I enjoy every intimate moment I have and I like to be accompanied by gentlemen with a lot of passion, desirous of multiple carnal pleasures and with many fantasies and imagination, someone who loves sex as much as I do ...

If the amniotic sac ruptures

Small talk encompasses all those conversational threads that do not generate sexual or romantic attraction by themselves, nor do they allow us to create a sensitive connection. In other words, it is pure and simple conversation, without emotions. What happens when the rest of the variables do not intervene.

Exhibition slave. In the same way that an art collector likes, from time to time, to show his possessions and display the paintings and statues that are part of his collection, the Lord who possesses a particularly precious kajira likes to show the other inhabitants of Gor his property. The exhibition slave is that beautiful and sensual woman that the Lord exhibits before the rest. This, transported in a palanquin or other similar means of transport, carries this kind of kajira chained to the palanquin. What the Lord displays in this way is his wealth and power.

Do not select only three

There is another factor beyond the number of knots and the physical peculiarities of the person to be tied that determines the length of a bondage rope and that factor is the thickness and material of the rope. These two factors make the chord's minimum radius of curvature either. This is also logical. Tying a knot with thick rope will require more rope length than with thin rope. The same is going to happen with a stiff rope.

That cock, without being already erect, was actually enormous in size.

Porn also uses empathy. I know several very depressing facts about the lives of porn actresses that turn me on. I know of one who ran away from her adoptive parents at the age of 15; from another that she was an athlete with great Olympic potential and that an injury separated her from her dream and dragged her into financial difficulty; of another who died from alcohol and drugs; of the one who was killed by her partner at gunpoint. I know all those details and still in this way I make the separation between real women and women on screen. Heavy use is addictive, certainly. I devote more thought to porn than to real sex.

Neither one thing nor the other

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration, a clitoral sucker that, thanks to its soft ergonomic nozzle, acts on the clitoris by caressing its visible head while absorbing it combining absorption and vibration, it does nothing but attend to what is a reality: the Most women climax thanks to clitoral stimulation. Not surprisingly, it is estimated that there are more than 8,000 nerve endings that converge in it. This makes the clitoris a particularly sensitive point of the female anatomy and its stimulation is a guarantee of orgasm.

Your first step in planning an effective discipline session is to determine the needs of your sub. You may not really need actual discipline (in the sense of physical punishment) as much as degradation, subjugation, servitude, or feminization.

If I tell you my name, do you promise to remember it?

Epicurus used to say: Nothing is enough for those who have enough is little. One will not know anything if it can be 2, and the third will be poor if the fourth is not reached. That is the slavery of the chain generation, of the get-all-you-can-get with which stories are used to ending in our post-industrial society.