Throughout the orgasm phase a series of biological phenomena and physical changes are generated

Saturday, 21 November 2020

It happens a lot.You meet an escort, you seduce her being a polarizing male being, then you start to really love her, and everything else falls by the wayside ... then she breaks up with you and you ask why. Gentlemen, for your information and as a contribution with the spirit of revelation, what comes after the separation will never be the oasis. As much as life as a couple has been difficult and unsustainable, always and at all times, without a doubt, there will come a period in which things will not be right in this way we want to disguise them, hide them, party them or whatever the mechanism that we devise ourselves to persuade ourselves that they are and that the next minute after having altered state, our life will be another, it will be a new life, enjoyable and better. Who are we kidding? As we are stubborn and always and in all circumstances we try to be well we strive to put another face to what we live, but with the passage and weight of time, that becomes to become a sword of Damocles, that is, late or early we will have to face the impact and consequence of the decision. I repeat, regardless of whether the motivation is justified or not, the fact of separating contains within itself a meaning that we will inevitably discover.

Intercourse in the usual missionary position, that is, the man on top, often completely bypasses the G-spot. It is easier to stimulate that area with the penis if your partner is lying on his stomach and you enter from behind, or well if it is on top and thus can move freely to get pleasure. The superficial penetrating movement is the most indicated to encourage the G-spot, but, at first, the fingers are usually the best way to activate it.

Never go through the hoop!

But the decadence of Tantricism as a more or less institutionalized movement that was supported by the dominant classes of society, did not prevent its rituals, doctrines, and ethos from surviving among the inhabitants of rural towns and villages.

I want to make it clear that I am neither in favor nor against marriage, despite the fact that I am a woman who falls into the stereotype of happily married, I have been able to observe thousands and thousands of women who would be much better off single and even alone. Likewise, I have been able to observe and study women who are exceedingly happy in our marriage and we have achieved a sensational balance between chores as housewives and our personal and professional development. Personally, I fight for my rights to exercise the different roles that I have assigned myself by choice, the right to be a married woman, to eat with her husband whom she loves and deeply respects; the right to exercise my exaggeratedly satisfying role as a mother and with which I decided to pay more attention than to my career during the first years of my son's life; the right to be a professional, a psychologist, a sexologist, and to practice as such working in what I also love and in what I consider to be one of my greatest purposes in life, which is to provide help and mental health to people; the right to be a woman with the likes, needs and desires of any mortal woman; and finally and above all the rest of the roles, the right to be myself, to freely select the moment in which I wish to alternate between one role or another at the moment I wish to exercise it; the whole is that whatever you decide to be, be it married, single, divorced, girlfriend, lover or together; do it with freedom and carry it with joy as long as you decide to be and do.

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Maybe it's that we expect too much from intimate relationships or from our partner. There are so many movies and blogs praising bodily sensations that when we experience them, we think they are not as exciting as they show them. That happens when we watch a porn movie, with those actors and actresses endowed with bodily qualities that obviously leave us inhibited. Don't see them, don't believe them; That is not love, but if you do, know that there is a lot of fiction and that, furthermore, if those actors have been chosen for it, it is because they deserve it, but other humans are very simple.

I answer well, whether it is true or a number due to the fact that I can't talk about it in front of josefito

Hi! I am Sabrina, a beautiful and surprising young lady with a penetrating look and a body that takes your breath away. Beautiful like few others, I know perfectly how to express my charms.

Humans share one condition: the possibility of cultivating success in life. What happens is that many people want to reap the fruits of the harvest without having sown the seed, and sit and wait for everything to magically fall from the sky. There is an old story about this, which tells the case of a woman who had a dream about the blog. It turns out that this woman had a reputation for being clairvoyant in her village, because she could see further than other people.

Posture can soon become stressful, so having cushions placed one behind the other for support and rest is essential. Remember, it takes very little movement to feel full of the other's presence.

Behavior pattern

Begin a long strike from behind, and when you reach the sacred, support your weight on your hands and begin to gently push your feet forward to extend your spine. Imagine your movements opening the area, bringing more breath and movement to the lower back, extending the spine, and opening the hips. In that voice, it would be appropriate for you to tell him where you would like to see the relationship. If you want to know better what your situation is regarding a relationship with, you can simply ask him. If she wants to express sadness or pain when she is away from you, you could say that. If you wanted a greater commitment from him, you could say that and then let him know what a deeper commitment would entail. Of course, he does not have to agree to all this, but you can request what you want and you can make requests of him that help you feel more secure.

Tie the strands in a single knot at the back, between the shoulder blades

We usually do a lot in the early stages of the relationship, but after a while we forget to compliment our partner with compliments. That can make the other's unconscious start to boil over a sentence of the type they no longer like. Don't let that happen; Let him know, from time to time, that you still like him the way he is, older, with more kilograms, with hair like this or like this, and with more or less than whatever. Tell him that you like him, that he is the most wonderful and unique person with whom you can share your life, and that you thank him for being with you.