Sexual metaphor and phonetic vagueness

I thought not finishing was embarrassing and didn't want to tell anyone, because my friends talked about climaxing as something that happened to them every time. Until finally she told her best friend.

Enjoy after the feeling of relaxation

You will be able to have a lot of fun thanks to the ability to tie those knots. We propose you one to start warming up your engines. This one is named after the grandmother. Learn it. You will see how soon you want to learn others and expand your range of possibilities.

I admire those women who are able to do what they want

Although the information that comes now is the result of clinical experience, in the least it wants to say that these steps must be followed to the letter, they are only suggestions that each one should adapt to their experience.

Humbler Ballstretcher

The relationship that is established between the Tigress and the Jade Dragon is a complex and serious relationship, to such an extent that the moment a Tigress finds a possible candidate for the Jade Dragon, she asks her teacher for an astrological study of both to see if they are compatible.

Sex can be an art and I'm going to teach it to you

We will agree that the life of a human has exactly the same value as the life of any other human. There can be no doubt about this, regardless of whether society has rules of coexistence and condemns those who violate them, sometimes even with the death penalty.

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