Making others believe that you are not monogamous

Sunday, 22 November 2020

The vagina is the female genital tract that connects the external genitalia with the womb, and has multiple functions. In the first place, it serves as an organ for copulation, thus leaving the arrival of sperm to the womb and, therefore, fertilization. It also serves as a conduit for the elimination of menstrual blood from the womb, and finally serves to give way to the fetus at the moment of delivery.

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Of course, perfect genital hygiene is a prerequisite for this practice and for the practice of sucking. If your woman has any form of discharge or some type of consistent vaginal infection, do not use these practices.

In sum, as other studies had already suggested, clients of the service are not simply exploiters and sexual abusers, but resort to prostitution for a very wide range of reasons, ranging from experimentation (in the case of a heterosexual transvestite) to inability to find a partner, including those who want to maintain relationships with women without commitment or who do not find sexual satisfaction with their partners. And they do it in a context that will sound familiar to Spaniards: that of a society where sex has traditionally been censored by religion. Specifically by the Catholic Church, which in Ireland, where the study was carried out, continues to have a great influence.

The way to do it should be very carefully, if possible use a skin anesthetic (external) cream, stretch the sphincter little by little with your fingers and the help of some biological oil such as rosehip, little by little insert a small finger, as it softens and stretches, we continue with another larger finger, progressively we prepare this sphincter to locate the penis. Do not play an animal, they take their time. A bad experience then takes a long time to forget it, rejection, resistance ensues.

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Osho says: Tantra does not deny anything, but transforms everything, which means that consciousness changes the situation; Any action carried out with consciousness is transformed by consciousness itself. Basically, this means that almost anything goes when we are aware, we are consented. It is best to keep everything simple, innocent and exploratory, without continuing any program or putting yourself under any pressure. Enter your body and enjoy being in it. Touching, caressing, kissing, hugging and staying in consciousness. Be present in all movements or gestures, without going anywhere special, being innocent in the simplicity of the situation.

As previously mentioned, in this case it is not about expensive gifts, sometimes it is simply enough to have some wild flowers collected by yourself, as well as a photo in which they appear together in a beautiful frame.

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If we continue this line and stop to meditate on the amount of negative qualities that we see in others, we could also meditate that we acquire those negative qualities for ourselves and that at some point we are going to put them into practice. But in the same way, we can turn the wheel and do the opposite completely, that is, if we look at the positive qualities of each of the people with whom we meet, our blank sheet will be able to be filled with those profiles or good skills that we like in the other person to improve themselves.

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This is not to say that the woman really wants to be raped.

It is so easy to laugh at people and it is so difficult to admit, for others, that that person is no longer alive because of heartless people. We have seen an astonishing number of bullying cases on television, we have also seen quite sad endings and we have not realized that it all started with a laugh that we give to people who have fun at the expense of others.

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Dirty conversations are a great way to start any sex game with your partner. You can send dirty text messages or exchange emails, as well as phone calls, to create the version you will feel when it is time for you and your partner to be together. You also don't have to limit your dirty talk to a short period of time, but you can drag it out all day to drive your partner unhinged.

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Make a list of all the monthly expenses, for example, the payment of rent or mortgage, house and car insurance, telephones, gas and electricity, cable, Internet, house taxes, house repairs, food , payment and maintenance of cars, gasoline, clothes, personal expenses of both, medical care and medicines, babysitter, credit cards, fun, gifts, Church, vacations, etc. Add the amounts together to get your total monthly household expenses.