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Monday, 11 October 2021

The yang begins to touch the yin, but it should not touch it in any way. You must do it just as he would like to be touched. If it can be using some kind of massage oil, all the better. Yin, from here, must touch yang in the same way that it is being touched. You must follow their movements. For this to be done, it is essential that yang does not make sudden or accelerated movements. The touch of yang, traced by yin, must be slow and must flow in such a way that yin can simply continue it.

All these discoveries and details are great so that doctors and surgeons add knowledge, but they matter little to lovers. Too much spiel, when what they really want is to function well in the middle of the vast feminine erogenous region. We have already described the golden rule: it is up to the woman to know her body, to learn through masturbation what she likes. And, patience, he will want to learn even if it costs him. The female erogenous region is very vast and the way in which pleasure emanates in each and every woman is practically unrepeatable. Each one must trace their path.

Just as fear is an emotion that was developed to put into operation each and every one of the behaviors necessary to escape risk (increased heartbeat, adrenaline, heightened senses, concentration, sweat, etc.), love romantic appeared to solve the problem of reproduction.

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He slipped the blindfold over my eyes. Moving my tongue gently across her body, I found the first clothespin. It reminded me of the Operation game, and I thought about how craving is the central theme of all games. A friend of mine once pointed out that most childhood games can be summed up as follows: You get your stuff, you put it on your stuff, and then you win!

Earthly love is an egotistical, superficial love ... full of suffering and false pretenses

Getting Kino is very entertaining, especially when you manage to tickle him, touch his hands, his legs, etc. All these moments are excellent, as long as you can enjoy them 100 percent, when you achieve this level of confidence, you are ready and in the future you will understand that it is only a matter of time to get to sex.

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This therapeutic masturbation must have been ethically disputed for the well-thought, since a very useful factor was devised soon after: the dildo. Originally designed (the first mechanical vibrator dates from around 1870) as a purely therapeutic element, its use soon became domesticated (it must have been, I suppose, a widespread and overwhelming plague of mass hysteria). The mirror, that cornet-shaped device that is inserted into the vagina and allows it to be opened to observe its condition, is also an invention of that season that has not been so successful outside of gynecological clinics (except perhaps in the case of clueless voyeurs or in SM areas).

Victoria had been quieter than usual for a few weeks, somewhat dejected, she seemed to be in pain. During one session he confessed to me that the reason was that he liked a boy named David, but that there was a problem.

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Sometimes people have erotic dreams with our or our ex. Does that mean we want to get back with that person? No. Or not, at least, necessarily. The meaning of an erotic dream of this type is, according to dream analysts, the following: who dreams of doing it with his ex does so because he is not comfortable with what he is doing with his life at that moment and, consequently, feels an extreme need to break the rules. Returning with the ex, undoubtedly, would be a radical way to break the rules that bind us to our present life.

If evil is so powerful, if it eats away everything in its path, why do we still exist? If each and every one of the inhabitants of the planet who suffered in their flesh the anger and damage caused by evil people have since dedicated themselves to propagating it in their own name, how are there still good people?

In privacy, you will be able to check that I am a dedicated companion. I will receive you in your underwear and I will do a striptease that will put you at 100, then you can try my facial, one of my specialties. Go ahead and enjoy good sex.

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It is an illusion that accompanies me at night and makes me dream

In this section, dedicated to eroticism, we want to pay tribute to Ren Hang. To do so, what better way than to show some of his photographs so that, in this way, erotic lovers can enjoy them?

+ Do I have a favorite area in Barcelona to live in? Near my work or studies? Or do I prefer further away since there is good public transport? Should you visit the area both during the day and at night to see if it is noisy? Is there a set on Fb and social networks of foreigners in Barna where to ask and ask for an opinion?

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First of all, and separating the business maneuvers that increase hyperinflation and scarcity, admitted by the professor, it is surprising that he speaks of Maduro's mismanagement after having read in this medium often and correctly that the greatest drawbacks of capitalism are not caused by his administration, but rather by the nature of the system. The reforms required to overcome dependence on oil revenues (whose decline is one of the roots of this crisis) should have been carried out when the costs of this were high, that is, by Chávez, but this would have made it impossible to carry out social programs; a, misleads the statement that a country rich in raw materials should not have such problems, when these have been the primary condemnation of Latin America and Africa. I advise the teacher and the readers of the essay The Open Veins of Latin America, where Eduardo Galeano verified it more than forty years ago.

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