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Saturday, 21 November 2020

When you work on a cruise ship, sex is in each and every woman. Found on each and every corner, in each and every cabin, in the crew bar, the crew's mess and being a woman makes it even easier to locate someone to satisfy my cravings. Yes, for me, sex is like a craving, it is my favorite drug, it is my solution and if I do not receive it as often as I like, I begin to feel that I am withdrawing, I do not feel attractive, I have mood swings and I feel like the world is collapsing on me. But when I have sex, I feel like I can conquer the WORLD!

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When I speak of detachment, I do not speak of ceasing to love with all the desire; I speak of loving in a calm way where pleasure and sharing are the benefit of being together. It is wanting with freedom ... it is living solitude with pleasure knowing that we are alone more accompanied than ever, because we are full with ourselves.

I am a black woman living in the US. While there are people who experience a greater degree of social and economic and racial disadvantage, or who have more pressure points of oppression to strike, there are not many. So when I say that I have fought in the darkness of my own desires, I hope they were not easy to digest and overcome. My ancestors, my predecessors who fought for women's rights and the rights of people of color were fighting for freedom, and I intend to respect their memory by exercising that freedom.

The conclusive answer is number. Horses are not equal or superior to mules but rather different and complementary, because sometimes it is necessary to run and sometimes to carry. But being this country so rich in horses, and especially in mules, beasts of burden that have carried our illustrious title of Colombians to the most remote corners of the planet, particularly to the Spanish capital, forcing us to humiliating queues before the consulate of Spain to implore a visa, we would do wrong to let this diphthong pass without dealing a little with such semi-moving perissodactyls.

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A of the Jade Egg, there are other items on the market that will give your vagina a workout and will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Check out your local Ann Summers store or go online and read some reviews to see what would work best for you. Ben wa balls experience a renaissance thanks to 50 Shades of Gray posts. Like eggs, they are held in the vagina to give your computer muscles a good workout, and they also increase sensation and frequently bring you to orgasm. You can leave one or both balls in the body during the intimate relationship. Both you and your partner will experience wonderful sensations with them.

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Being social and knowing how to develop in society is a huge advantage for a human, especially to produce trust in others and to be able to open up to occasions of all kinds: work, business, friendship or love relationships, among many things. A kid affected by porn lives constantly in defensive mode and does not connect well socially; that is a huge handicap, which can only be healed if you confront that addiction.

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Which of the two scenarios do you think will end in a pleasant and peaceful chat with the woman in front of you? How of the 2 conversations do you think will have more future? In which of the two conversations do you think you can stand out more and make that woman you talk to remember you?

All women are crazy about surprises, so he tries to have a detail with her from time to time. The slightest nonsense can catch her. Take an interest in her, ask her about her work or what she does in her spare time without overwhelming her. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find the balance, but little by little it will be simple.

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But of course, how many movies have we seen in which the protagonist suffers from love, suffers from a lack of love and romantic breakup songs come into play? Since well, this is not love. Love does not understand suffering, it is just the opposite. You can never suffer for love. Perhaps, without realizing it, you are suffering to demand more love, but not for love.

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Of course, not all women want to find an alpha wolf. If you feel self-conscious about the fact that you think that you do not have all the requirements that a woman wants, such as money, social situation and all the comfort or each and every one of the comforts that you think they want, it is good that you know that you are limiting by beliefs that are sustained and nurtured due to your low self-esteem.

Now, and thanks to the computer revolution, to the boom of social networks, to the multiple apps specially designed to make us meet other people supposedly similar to our tastes, the matchmaker function that previously corresponded to our friends / friends, cousins / cousins and colleagues / coworkers, has been taken over by said social networks, said websites and said mobile applications that make it easier for us to meet people and set dates and places of appointments without having to move, night after night , to the different pubs of the city looking for our better half while we fight to the death against our shyness and we seek the most appropriate way to break the ice.

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At 52, a gynecologist named Dr. Arnold Kegel developed exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in women who suffered from urinary incontinence after childbirth. These original PC exercises were called Kegels. Kegel patients soon discovered another benefit for strengthening and toning pelvic floor muscles: better climaxes.