I admire those women who are able to do what they want

Monday, 04 October 2021

You know how to open a group of girls, you will be afraid to approach them, if you do not know what to tell a girl you will be afraid of not knowing what to say, if you do not know how or when to touch a girl you will be afraid of physical contact by how he can react and you will never pass the level, if you do not know when is the right time to kiss a girl you will be afraid to kiss her and you will never complete your sargeos.

As much as one often does not take this aspect into account, it is one of the most important. Looking for healthy men is completely logical from a certain evolutionary point of view, since a man with these peculiarities will be able to provide his family with food and protection, while his children, for their part, will tend to be healthier as well (due to the fact that they will inherit the genes of their parents), which not only improves the species but also indirectly provides protection for themselves. When they are old, they will again have strong and healthy children who will be able to provide them with everything they need.

Some time ago, if we had said that someone we knew was a member of a dating site, first we would have been surprised and then we would have practically laughed at him. In fact, at the beginning of online dating, many were the people who denied being on a Meetic or Match website as it was embarrassing, there were even couples who had left these websites who invented the way they had met to avoid saying who had met through a contact website. At present, the entire planet clearly recognizes that they are subscribed to these types of websites and that they chat regularly, it is something already socially accepted and even the most used means to find a partner. In the age of technology and telecommunications, habits and thoughts change very fast and we have moved from singles meetings to databases full of profiles of single men and women.

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I can be the sweetest and the wildest, the most delicate and the hottest

On the other hand, and following the line of classifying toxic styles of love, Walter Riso, a psychologist specializing in sensitive dependency and toxic loves, proposes a very similar classification of unhealthy loves. In her article Highly Dangerous Loves, Riso identifies and studies these eight kinds of irrational love affairs. I am a young Spanish woman who combines her work as a secretary with erotic and passionate encounters. I am very outgoing and my natural joy will infect you and make you feel very comfortable from the beginning.

Why did they leave us ...?

Masturbation was considered a grave sin for many centuries. The Talmud, the Jewish code, which condemned all sexual acts that were not directed at conception, prohibited a man from even holding his penis while urinating. According to Thomas Aquinas, adultery and even rape were less serious than masturbation and unnatural intercourse (only the man on the woman, and from the front, was natural). According to Kant, masturbation, homosexuality and bestiality make man unfit for his humanity and no longer deserve to be a person. Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, certain doctors (influenced by their own scientific and moral opinions), claimed that masturbation could cause phimosis, impotence, blindness, dizziness and epilepsy in men, and paleness, attacks of hysteria and sterility in the women. In each and every season we live according to the prevailing opinions.

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Forgetting is complicated, don't try to forget, just admit the perfection of your circumstances, remember the pleasant moments you spent with your partner, be grateful and give yourself the opportunity to move on. It is not because of the fact that they are especially cool or super attractive. It is because they are terrified of loneliness and cover it up with the first person who crosses their path. Matter of survival, practically. The energies are attracted and people unconsciously perceive it, then we come together to cover what we lack. Elementary.

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And if your victory is in justice, be courteous to the defeated

Level 69, where one partner holds the other face down so that each person's mouth is on the other person's genitalia, is perhaps one of the most difficult acts to perform, the second being oral sex and skydiving. The disqualifiers: these types of people destroy our self-esteem so that they can shine and regain the spotlight. His goal is that we feel insecure and need your approval. They make us believe they are on our side but, in the moment of truth, they enjoy hyperbolizing our mistakes and making fun of our successes. They need to govern the emotions of their victims.

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