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Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Couples are also often very curious about the perfect way other couples have sex, and this can be satisfied by visiting one of these houses. Curiosity is healthy, and in the end the whole planet wants to know if you do it effectively and if there are better ways to do it.

First the man kisses the mons veneris of the couple. Following that, he spreads the outer lips of her genitals with his fingers and kisses the inner lips. The tongue should be used to caress the inner lips, and at this stage they should already be full of blood. Thinking of the vulva as the sides of a boat, the urethra, vaginal opening and the 4 vestibular glands are in the lower one. Take the tip of the tongue and slide it up and down on the bottom of the pot. Insert the tongue into the vagina and then withdraw it. Repeat this rhythmically. Gradually, the man should go to the clitoral area. Kiss the little button with your lips. Suck on it very gently and tickle yourself with your tongue like a teasing butterfly. The rough surface of the tongue rises from the bottom of the clitoral shaft. Alternate between stroking the clitoris and the vulva. Focus on the things that elicit the most excited responses from your partner. This will inevitably cause the jade fountain to bubble with the jade essence from the vestibular glands and the cave. It also sporadically produces some interesting sounds.

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In men, the percentage of those who do not offer data in their biography is reduced to 30 percent

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Without a doubt, a good way to play down the weight factor is to make love in the water. Sex in the water is a good way to counteract the weight. On the contrary, the couple in which either they are both a bit chubby will be able to carry out erotic positions that, out of the water, they would not be able to carry out. The difficult thing in a case like this is to find a place that is safe from prying eyes and that, at the same time, is clean enough to avoid any type of contagion. You have to ponder that, being in direct contact with the vagina, the water can leave some type of bacteria in it that infects it. Another aspect that must be taken into consideration when having sex in the water is that of lubrication. Contrary to what it may seem at first glance, and as we discussed in our article Basic tips for having sex in the shower, the water dries out the mucous membranes.

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My theory of social classes to summarize says that the lower we are on the social scale, but we will suffer in love; but this analysis of social scales is not an assertion since practically always and in all circumstances individuals from different social classes end up getting involved, and in the end very few people are really saved from infidelity.

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When they think of nonverbal communication, many people forget a very important thing: what you feel, what you think, the emotions you have and how you think what you think... which obviously relate to what you communicate nonverbally.

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There are triggering factors that can precipitate the breakup of the couple. But you have to understand that these factors are not an isolated fact in couple problems. Usually in a break multiple aspects are involved that are responsible for the degradation of the sentimental bond. These do not act in a separate and also individual way, but they are nurtured and also interrelate until they reach rupture. To serve as an example, we could not blame the breakup on alleged infidelity; since this can be due to different causes (lack of communication, jealousy, lack of love,...), and these can derive from others (indifference, lies, neglect...).

I'm talking about teaching an active social life by posting it on social media

Simplifying it with a half-pay and hale is not a way out either. Whether you like it or not: you have to stop fucking for a while and get serious. It is absolutely essential to avoid discomfort in the future. Surely you have seen this way of hitting if you have seen any movie set in the East. In contrast to other percussive movements, this type of striking works on any part of the body, although it is more easily felt in the back. The ring, middle and index fingers are kept together and it is with these fingers that, as if playing the drums, it is struck. Indeed, if this beating is done properly, the sound that should come out of it should be that of a drum roll.

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