A separation or divorce should never symbolize the end of anyone's life.

However, the disappointment was washing away my desire to be a good wife and I stayed with him, I would say that only for my children since I did not want them to suffer the lack of a father in the home as it had happened to me.

Revolution between the sheets

However, after a while, the biological explanation for attraction begins to deflate and becomes somewhat depressing, since it seems to limit our sexual concern for other people to a single rating criterion: how healthy they are.

Men behave like sperm, women behave like eggs

Julián Fernández de Quero Lucerón concludes with a recommendation: A culture of change that surpasses gender implies renouncing the three traditional male functions: power, possession and copulatory drive for the development of 3 other humanizing functions.

The human sexual response

If we worked harder to get all the positive out of that sweet personality that we possess, instead of always worrying about our exterior at all times, there would not be so many problems for men to know how to gain the trust of a woman.

Two lovers that I also love sometimes

The rings for the penis fit on its base and under the scrotum, passing through them the testicles, when the man is not even erect. A little lubricant can be used to facilitate this operation.

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