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The situation regarding EMOTIONAL MENOPAUSE IN MAN is not as tragic as it might seem at first glance. Many married couples have an enjoyable sex life well into old age and still enjoy (when they are not so young) a greater emotional and physical rapport.

No techniques, no lines, no direct, no indirect

How to build a conscious couple is going to be the subject of my next post, but in order for you to get there, you must first understand that it is necessary to let go of all the burdens that Viennese carrying from previous relationships.

Greater effort for social and intimate relationships

The point is that you are able to make the interaction last, until your Calibration tells you that you have reached the Hitch Point. This moment takes place when it becomes clear that the Set strongly prefers you to stay rather than leave655.

I am sweet, intelligent, kissing, funny, passionate, feminine, sensual and very provocative

First let yourself be carried by my hands on your body, which will make you forget all external stress. Then I will captivate you with an erotic, stimulating melee massage and, later, we will let ourselves be carried away by what arises at that moment.

Increases the production of red blood cells

Now massage the temples, then the cheeks and continue on the front of the neck. Then do a massage near the eyes and put your whole hand very warm, pressing the eyes completely.

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